winter ’14 recap

winter 14

Peopled Places is now two months old! I’m still finding my way around, trying to understand what this blog will become. I started this past January with the modest goal of posting once per month through the end of the year. This post counts as number sixteen. I had no idea. The Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge was a great start and I’m still building upon the tips I learned through it – I’ve personalized the basic theme and tried out most of the post formats although I still don’t understand how to make that “Quote” format work. Maybe, eventually…yes. I do want to offer a special thank you to the seven courageous souls who have elected to follow me over the past two months. I’ll try my best to give you a good reason to stick around. But really, thank you. If this is your first visit here, I’ve developed five posting “neighborhoods:” The Commons is where you’ll find general posts about cities and people; The Side Alley is the home to the somewhat tangential posts, those that go a little bit off topic (but, at least to me, are still relevant); Third Spaces covers the local joints where people come together to seek connection or at least be amongst it – to me, these places give cities much of their flavor; the Vignettes are typically snapshots of urban places that evoke in me a feeling, thought or question; and lastly, mostly because I can’t help myself is Wonkitopolis, where you’ll find posts that are a bit longer and more, I hesitate to say, academic. In all, Winter was a good start. But now its time to say goodbye to Winter and move forward into Spring.

spring 14

I can’t wait. More posts, more people out and about, more events activating public spaces, and hopefully, more focus from me. Oh, and baseball! I suppose that was kind of a Side Alley outburst. One thing I’m really excited about is my goal to begin posting short, documentary-style videos of mine that profile creative people following their passion. The sort of folks I think make cities vibrant and interesting. I hope to have the first one up within the next month or so. Also, I hope to break away from Denver’s gravitational pull and include some stuff on other cities. So, for now, that’s the plan. Let’s get to it!

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