whatta ya know, it’s People Places’ 2nd anniversary!

Today (or more precisely, yesterday) is another milestone for Peopled Places but getting here wasn’t pretty. I’ll admit to succumbing to the dread sophomore slump. Only 23 posts for the entire year. Yikes! But, you know, these things happen sometimes. And since I’m not one to dwell on the negative, I’d say the growth I’m most happy with from 2015 is my experimenting with black and white photography. The three below I really like…

And this one is pretty good…


But my favorite by far is the photo I took one night of the Denver Millenium Bridge. I love the way the glow of the light from the stairs puts the three people in silhouette. And how the same illuminated stair draws the eye up the photograph toward the cable tower. I just love it. I’m excited for 2016!



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