Do you ever notice stillness in the city? I do. In fact, I seem drawn toward it. Probably because stillness reflects my personality – calm, that’s how I’ve often been described. I was heading to work for an early morning meeting last week and I got to experience a different Denver. The predawn city just as the sun is starting its rise. Even the night-owls had decided to go home.


As I was riding along the creek trail I thought about what I was seeing one, two, three times and then I just had to stop for a moment. It appeared as if even the creek itself was taking a break. Maybe it was the overall mood of the hour but I noticed the creek’s still parts rather than the small waterfalls and rapids that catch my eye when I leave later in the day.


Cities are such frenetic places. People are always rushing, rushing, rushing from one place to the other. Pay attention and get a move on. This is the typical way we characterize city life. And, don’t get me wrong, I like that. But not always.


I like this quiet city too. What characteristics of your city do you notice more? Why?

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