saturday vignette: spontaneous movement

This is possibly my favorite photograph from my recent New Orleans visit. I took the photo with my phone from the van I was riding in while on the way to the airport. I know that technically, nothing about the shot is any good – almost every object is blurry, there’s junk like the for-sale sign in the background that I didn’t want and the composition is, eh.

But I still like it. I like the contrasting colors of the streetcar and I especially like that it captures the frenetic pace of the city (almost any city really) like no photo I’ve taken before. Cities are exciting, energetic places that are constantly changing and I want to reflect this feel, this urban vibe, in part through photos.

One of the best outcomes of starting Peopled Places is that the blog pushes me to want to improve my photography. So, hopefully this is a step forward.

Now, if I could just fix the…

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