September already?

Sheesh! Where has the time gone? It’s the middle of September already. It seems not too long ago I posted my observation on three takes on Spring and now, well, poof! Spring’s long gone and Summer’s coming to its end. Hope I had fun.

I like Denver in the Fall. It is my favorite time of year actually. Crisp sunlight, cool but not cold, and colorful. Unlike the Fall classic deep ochres, umbers and reds of my New York youth, Denver and more so Colorado, showcases yellows. With coppers and crazy electric reds thrown in for pop. Overall, Fall here is a lighter, brighter palette. Life takes on a different pace. More urgent, I think. Base layers return for the morning commute. I even had to whip out the lightweight, waffle-knit pullover for my early morning run a few days ago.

It is raining again. It seemed to rain more this Summer than in previous years. I’m figuring this is true because I turned off my lawn sprinkler system in early July (we left for a trip and I just didn’t turn it back on when we returned) and the grass stayed relatively green all on its own. Like magic. Or the East coast. Anywhere but Denver. This is the semi-arid, high plains. We’re known for intense sunny days all year round. Here a green carpet of lawn is…let’s say, not effortless. Denver Water, the city’s utility, has had a long running campaign that requests people use only what you need. As one might guess, need is a rather personal concept. But in a months time, straw, if that’s a color, will begin to dominate.

Seasonal change is upon us. I guess I’ll need to locate my gloves.

What changes are you getting ready for?

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