saturday vignette: that bridge has a name?

This afternoon while riding around LoDo I rolled across one of the city’s extant freight rail bridges. I’ve been over this old, one-time Denver and Rio Grande steel truss crossing of Cherry Creek countless times yet had no idea it had a name. Manny’s Bridge. I read the memorial plaque explaining how the city renamed the bridge in 2006 for Manny Salzman, an early champion of lower downtown long before it became LoDo, a nationally known and much admired historic district.

Being a plains city, Denver doesn’t have monumental, image defining bridges as does say San Francisco, New York City or Chicago. I couldn’t imagine, for example, a movie that takes place in Denver using one of the city’s bridges to set the story. No, you need the golden dome of the state capitol, the city skyline (looking west, of course) or even a craft brewery to do that. Yet Denver values these old structures. Throughout downtown along the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, Denver has kept a number of these old rail road bridges in service. Manny’s bridge is now part of the city’s pedestrian and bicycle network.

Yep, Manny’s Bridge might only be the answer to a trivia question but as far as I’m concerned, it’ll do. It’ll do just fine.

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