saturday vignette: street people

After a satisfying, full eight months of some of the most fun road cycling I’ve done in a while I managed to develop a bit of knee tendonitis. Bummer. But, no worries, taking a break from cycling simply presented more of an opportunity for some downtown street photography.

woman and dog on bridge

I always head over to the historic bridges around Lower Downtown during the late afternoon golden hour.


An image of my fellow bus passengers in silhouette.

walkers near convention center

A couple walking past the Colorado Convention Center in the late afternoon sunlight.

I look forward to these street photography outings for a number of reasons, many unintended really. First, they’re physically active and I’m all about that. I wear one of those fitness trackers and on the day I shot these photos I took 17,755 steps, 177 percent of my 10,000 step daily goal. Second, photography is a creative pursuit and challenge. I learn something every time I go out and by forcing myself to see the city from different perspectives I notice details I wouldn’t otherwise. The positive, transformative effect of such creative pursuits is well documented by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the phychologist and author who coined the term flow. Third, street photography is just inexpensive fun. I use my beloved Panasonic Lumix camera, which I own already anyway, but could just as easily use the camera on my phone. At most, I get hours of activity for nothing or no more than the price of a cup of coffee or tea along the way.

Active. Creative. Inexpensive. And fun. Makes me want to head out right now.

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