saturday vignette: the gnarled pines of cheesman park

I always like riding through Denver’s Cheesman Park especially on such a beautiful day as this. Generally, I use the western drive. For many, the most striking part of the park is the 1908 Walter Scott Cheesman Pavilion along the eastern drive. It is a beautiful building and very common backdrop for wedding photos and such. I, however, prefer the vast lawn that makes up the central portion of the park. The lawn is just massive. Ringed by trees and tall residential buildings, the lawn, the whole park really, just feels very urban to me. Sort of the way a city park should feel.

But without question, my favorite part of the park is this little thicket of gnarled pine trees along the western drive. I can’t recall if ever I’ve seen trees like these in Denver. They look like they are reclining. Hanging out, enjoying the sun. I am just fascinated by these trees every time I ride through the park. This time, I felt compelled to take some photos.


Cheesman Park is in central Denver east of downtown.

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