saturday vignette: a garden in winter

In downtown Denver, on a rather unremarkable piece of land adjacent to the new Elitch Gardens amusement park and the Speer Boulevard/South Platte River bridges is a manicured little botanic oasis named Centennial Garden. I’ve never visited when the garden is in bloom. Well, maybe I did once but I really don’t remember.

I have however stopped by numerous times in the middle of winter. Centennial Garden really is one of my favorite places to visit in downtown. It’s usually empty this time of year. Probably because people think there is nothing to see. And for many (most?) that is true. Yet for me, or anybody really that enjoys exploring the B-side of life from time to time, this little garden in winter is special. The stars of the show, the vibrant colors, flowers, people and summer buzz have stepped back to let straw-colored grasses, clipped hedges, vined arbors, planters, stonework and a small pavilion – the supporting cast – take center stage.

If you can appreciate the under-appreciated, wintertime at Centennial Garden really is a beautiful show.

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