riding Rim Rock Road – Colorado National Monument

Any cyclist would understand when I say that riding Rim Rock Road through Colorado National Monument is like having one more bike than you have now. I mean, what you have is certainly good, but one more, that special bike you wish you had, that’s better. Well, experiencing Colorado National Monument up close, at cycling pace, is that special. Better. Better than most of your usual rides.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went out to Grand Junction, Colorado, for our last major ride of the year. The weather was beautiful and the gradient of the road was kind to weary legs. And the scenery – let’s just say, the scenery is why I consider myself fortunate to live and ride in Colorado. From the crazy, red sandstone rock formations, to scraggly little scrub trees, to the meandering Colorado River running through the valley floor, to vistas of the horizontally striped Book Cliffs in the distance…stop it! it’s just too much!

What a ride!

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    Your description of our beautiful state is right on, pictures are breath taking; which I see so much here. While I don’t ride bikes like you do; I ride a little cruiser and I love riding the trails; which Colorado has so many of. Thanks for sharing.. beautiful’

    1. chris@peopledplaces says: Reply

      I love cruiser bikes too! What ever way you get out there do it, I say. Thanks for stopping by.

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