saturday vignette: an evocative golden glow

Maybe it’s just that it was late evening. Or the holiday season. Or maybe I was just tired. But when I strode into the new terminal at Reagan National, it surprised me how much I liked it. And how much I felt the need to stop and appreciate the design. Airport terminals just don’t attract my eye much anymore. This one did – the vaulted ceiling and the soft, golden light – it was all together quite attractive.

Today, air travel has lost almost every aspect of its early allure. Not that I ever experienced the real “golden age” of air travel mind you, but I’ve seen enough documentary film to know what it was like once. It’s hard to imagine a modern-day Sinatra evoking the glamour of air travel as he did with Come Fly With Me these days. For example, check out Lupe Fiasco’s Paris, Tokyo – that cut is all about getting there. The plane? It’s only good for sleeping.

Funny, now that I think about it, I walked through the same terminal at mid-afternoon on my way home. I can’t recall a single detail.

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