the Whyte city

Cities for people who do not like cities are the worst of two worlds. – William H. Whyte

William Whyte is without question one of my favorite writers about cities. I’ve watched his famous film, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, so many times.

Recently, I began reading City: Rediscovering the Center and came across this line in the introduction. I chose it for The Library because it’s something I just wanted to remember.

Although originally published in 1988, the sentiment remains so relevant today – that is, whenever we design and build cities in a way that runs counter to their inherent strengths, e.g. density, compactness and pedestrian, we create places that serve neither the city nor its inhabitants very well.

The Library is a recurring series on the books that confirm, challenge or otherwise inform the Peopled Places point of view.

City: Rediscovering the Center

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