saturday vignette: another Fox Theater – LA style

I love the flamboyant architecture of the historic Fox Theaters. Probably because the buildings are architectural. Unlike today’s bland, utilitarian multiplexes. I saw this one, the Fox Westwood Village Theater, last month on a trip to Los Angeles. The theater, built in 1931 and located on the city’s westside, is a mash-up of Spanish Mission and Art Deco styles. Fun.

The weather was beautiful – mild winter temperatures and abundant sunshine – in other words, typical Los Angeles. Not typical, was the lack of smog thanks to a relatively rare but heavy rain storm the day before I arrived.

I find Los Angeles’ architecture inspiring. Many buildings there have an energetic quality that derives from creative forms, materials and use of color. Of course, the temperate climate and eclectic architectural history allows designers a freedom not available in many other cities. This is not to suggest that what works for Los Angeles is right for someplace else. This article on Charleston was in today’s New York Times. History is important.


But it does say something about being open-minded. Architecturally or otherwise.

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