Originally, I planned to just continue documenting my questions, thoughts, ideas and observations about cities in a journal. I’ve been keeping one for some time now and have found it very useful. I will probably continue to do so. But by not interacting with the perspectives of other people I realize I’m really missing out on what I imagine would be a much more interesting conversation. So, when I saw the Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge, I thought, here is an opportunity to start fresh. Certainly, I will write about architecture, urban design and other design-related issues but with a real emphasis on how they impact people and aspects of everyday life in general. Additionally, I’d like to consider what makes cities fun, exciting, challenging, interesting and all the other adjectives I can’t think of at this moment. So, that, at least for now is the plan. And since we don’t know each other yet, let me be first to say, hey, what’s happening?

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