five, four, three, two…one

And just like that, I’ve completed my first year writing Peopled Places. In all, it has been a good year. Not surprising to me, the saturday vignettes saw a lot of interest in 2014. I created the Vignettes category to explore through photography the potential for the single image to express the essence or flavor of the many places I visit. At least that was the idea. I’ve deviated from it many times over the past year and frankly, lost focus more than once. Lately, however, I’ve begun to return to that original concept. Anyway, despite my missteps, the following are the most-viewed posts of 2014:

5. pikes peak, well, because

If you’ve spent any time here you’d know that I’m a huge bicyclist. I’ve loved bikes for as long as I can remember. From the yellow and black Schwinn Stingray with the banana seat and rear slick tire I had as a kid to the road and commuter bikes I ride today. This post recounts my experience riding up one of the highest paved roads in the North America. Difficult yes. Exhilarating? Absolutely!

4. spontaneous movement

This post is from a recent trip to New Orleans where in one image I captured a few of my most favorite things – travel to interesting cities, photography, history and transit (I know, the last one is a bit geeky but hey, that’s me). What places are in store for 2015? Well, I guess you’ll just need to come back to find out!

3. the “Riviera”

Architectural signage. This one is from an American era when buildings, automobiles and yes, communication devices like signage, were well integrated. Who knew then that the promise of the auto-oriented future would result in the dysfunction we live with daily today? Still, good work though from a time when it seems good design was everywhere.

2. Denver by another name

Another bicycle related experience. This time a view of Denver from its “B-side.” It is amazing what you notice when traveling through space at a much slower pace.

1. looking up, the Daniels and Fisher Tower

And lastly, a rather different view of a Denver icon, the former clock tower of a now forgotten department store. This vignette was the second of a four-part Denver series. The first is looking down – I will get to looking in and looking out sometime next year.

You know, I like the vignettes too. Next year, I hope to bring more creativity into the Vignette series. If I do it right, the images will begin to take on a more evocative, artistic quality. Please stick around, 2015 is looking like fun!


Oh, and a big thank you to all the folks who have stopped by over this year especially those of you who have chosen to follow Peopled Places. I’ll do my best to remain worthy of your interest and time. I can’t believe that people in more than fifty countries have stopped by my little corner of the globe. And I sort of guessed when starting out that I’d get a number of visits from the United States, but Brazil as number two? Wow! Muito obrigado! (I hope that’s right.)

See you in 2015. Happy New Year!

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