dreaming out loud

This afternoon, promptly at 1:30 pm, I walked over to the desk of my co-worker and friend and said with an air of nonchalance, “sup, you ready?” My friend looked up and replied, “Yeah man, let’s do this.” This, since you have no idea to what I’m referring, is a semi-regular walk we like to take outside. Just to get a break and a bit of fresh air. Usually, no more than ten minutes in duration. But this time was different. This time we had made plans over the past weekend to take a longer break from the office and check out a custom bike builder we’d heard about.

The weather outside was gorgeous. Sunny, bright blue sky and truthfully, kind of warmish. We jumped on our bikes and moseyed (is that a word? – ours was a rather languorous pace) down the path away from the office. I was somewhat surprised by the number of people that were out on the trail, it being mid-day and all. There were walkers, runners, bicyclists and even a couple of skateboarders. Don’t they get tired with all the push, push, pushing? But, hey, this is Colorado and it was nice out. That’s all you need to know really.

We got to the shop and immediately I was in heaven. Beautiful, sexy, handmade bicycles. Some with glossy finishes, some matte, some painted and others not. A few had wild, custom paint schemes. Two looked like they were camouflaged. The frames were carbon fiber, titanium and steel. I was almost afraid to touch them. Almost. I wanted them all. One of the guys walked us back into the workshop to show us some frames they were currently working on. The welds on one titanium frame were…let’s just say, I’m happy to know that such skilled, hand-craftsmanship still exists in American cities. We talked bikes, riding, manufacturing philosophies and trends and basically just hung out for a while. It was great. 

Not wanting to leave yet we stepped over to the in-shop cafe and ordered a couple of espressos. I mean, one doesn’t guzzle an espresso, right? Then the dream-state ended. It was too soon but reality came back into focus.

As we pedaled back to work we talked of how things might be. We dreamed a bit out loud. 

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