zoo lights! – one for the kids or the kid in you

Last week I went to a holiday party held at the Denver Zoo. Every year they do a animal-themed lighting installation but I’d never been. My first, and only visit, was earlier this summer, when our toddler nephew was visiting from out-of-town. Surprisingly, he (and I) had a good time.

This visit was pretty good too. There were quite a few people milling about as multiple parties were going on at the same time. Kids were everywhere running around and it seemed like folks were having fun. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. While it was cold out it wasn’t freezing temperatures like when my wife and I went to see a similar lighting display last year at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

The lights were quite creative. My favorite was the gorilla. Many were stationary but others like the kangaroos and the two elephants cycled through various poses that made it appear as if they were moving. There was a ocean-themed display where the ground was lit such that it appeared as churning water. Probably the most unexpected was the yeti or Sasquatch. We were walking through a particularly dark part of the trail when we heard something moving through the leaves on a slope to our right. I’m thinking what is that, we’re in a zoo at night after all, when one by one lighted footprints accompanied by the sound of footfalls began to appear followed by a roar and the suddenly lit image of this ape-like figure standing about eight feet (2.43m) high.

Not funny!

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