saturday vignette: Denver Millennium Bridge

Sometimes it seems that time just evaporates.

Fifteen years have passed since the millennium. Denver memorialized the beginning of the twenty-first century by building this iconic pedestrian bridge connecting Lower Downtown or LoDo to the Riverfront Park area. Eventually, the city installed two more bridges across Interstate 25 and the South Platte River so that now pedestrians can safely walk from the bustling Highland neighborhood into downtown.


The Denver Millennium Bridge is a high-profile pedestrian win that proves people will choose to walk when presented with quality, well designed, people-oriented infrastructure.

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  1. […] I’ve mentioned previously that a few of the benefits of this blog is that it drives me to improve my writing and photography. I like that. I also desire to do more than simply document the city. I want to reflect the city as I see it and to do that completely I need to also communicate emotion. This is why if you’ve followed me for a while you’ll notice that black & white photos have started popping up here and here and here. […]

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