day 5 assignment – a theme!

When I read that the day five Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge assignment was to try out different themes for my blog I’m sorry to say the first thing that popped into my mind was Ralphie from that goofy movie A Christmas Story. Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me it only took five days for him to make an appearance in my blog, but that is…well, I’ll skip that. Anyway, I looked at Twenty Ten, The Columnist, Timepiece and Blogum Demo – all of which I liked. Problem is, I had just finished watching Gary Hustwit’s film Helvetica the other evening and I couldn’t help thinking how much those themes either featured the Helvetica font or one modeled on it. So, being the contrarian I am, I decided to look for a theme that was definitely not as uniform as that. Superhero came close, but I didn’t like the floating boxes. Ultimately, I settled on Untitled. It is not the look I would ordinarily be drawn to since I tend to like clean and simple. And it has what either is or looks like Helvetica (Hustwit’s right, you can’t get away from it) but also at least a couple of fonts in addition to it. I do, however, think Untitled captures the energy and feel of my subject matter – cities and people. It is loud and contrasty and even a bit messy but is also striking (notice the dropped 5 in the post title) which for now I think is just about right.

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  2. Just browse my new theme today at my blog. It took me 3 hours to find the right one and to make it the way I wanted! So happy with the final result! I think theme like ; Forefront, Basis and Ryu is a great alternative for my Theme. Somehow I’m still love to use my Yoko theme.hehehehe
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