day 23 (semi-liebster style)

I’ll admit surprise last week when Mel the Literacy Coach’s 1/22 post nominated me for a Liebster Award. I’ve always thought I was fairly literate so I was a little concerned when I got a comment from a literacy coach right off. Definitely check out Mel’s blog. She’s another 2014 Zero to Hero blogger and helps people master the three Rs (really, what’s more important) and already knows how to use Polldaddy (I wish I did). Once I realized the award was because my community is tiny I decided to just go with the flow and have fun with it. Apparently my job is to answer the following ten questions. So, here goes:

How many people are living in your house? Who are they? Hmmm, the rational answer to this question is two. But since my wife and I risk offending our two dogs, the elder statesman Bruin, a Labrador Retriever and Jack “The Small,” a Labrador Retriever/Bassett Hound mix, I’ll say three and a half.

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them. Nope. No pets. Though I’ve always thought about getting fish.

What do you do when you are not blogging? (work or play). Mel, I’ll take “play” for $400. I ride my bicycle ridiculously long distances.

Did you have a favourite teacher? Tell me about them. Ooh, I like this one. I had two actually that helped me quite a bit. Mrs. Doring in the 6th grade – she once threw an eraser at me for goofing off and chit-chatting too much in class. Lesson learned – focus on the present and apply yourself, lest life throws an “eraser” at your head. And Prof. Tucker, who in my freshman year told me I’d never be an architect. Guess I proved you wrong, huh Tuck! Clearly, I respond well to motivating challenges.

What is your favourite picture book? (every adult should have one, but if you have to – think back to when you were little). Almost anything by Chronicle Books or Rizzoli. Design and photographs, what else does one need?

What are you wearing right now? A “house hat.” Never heard of one? Find yourself a 100+ year old house to live in during a cold winter.

Where do you usually write your blog posts (in bed/ at a desk/ on the back porch etc)? Yes.

No matter who we are, we all have a ‘go to’ movie. We have a movie we watch when we are in bed with the flu, or we had a rough week and need to hide away. We watch it on our holidays, just because we can and we can quote mundane dialogue from it. What’s your ‘go to’ movie and Why? A Christmas Story – probably because I’ve been hit in the head with an eraser. Okay, I’ll be serious. A Christmas Story.

You learn something new everyday! What have you learned this week? That there is something called the Liebster Award.

Tell me a Joke! It can be as silly as you like (Christmas Bon Bon Jokes are the best!) OR you can tell me a long serious story with a surprise punchline. Just keep it clean. McRib Sandwich. (pause) Wait, what’s a Christmas Bob Bon joke?

Thanks Mel! This was fun. But alas, I’ve elected to only follow, comment (I promise) and link to some new blogs I’ve found interesting and forgo the questions. They are small but mighty blogs with promise. Just like me. Do check them out.

  • Whiskey Soakedmy new go-to for cocktails with video’s on how to make them
  • Struggler’s Golda creative, funny writer
  • The Urban Observersimilar-ish to mine. Great pics. Lots on bicycling (got to love that).
  • eyepointofviewan emerging photographer in Chicago. I’m curious to see how her “voice” develops
  • Monday Morning Monstercan you seriously have a blog focused only on drawings that capture the essence of how many of us feel at the start of the week? Yes! Wow.

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