saturday vignette: bus riding and reflecting

I got a Valentine’s Day card from RTD* last week. They thanked me for riding and included inside passes for two free rides. Also, inside was a prepaid postcard mini-survey good for another two passes. Five check box questions. Back in January, I completed a longer survey (another two passes) giving my opinion of how they might improve the rider experience.

Some reading this might think, “Of course they’re giving away passes, who the heck wants to ride transit?” The answer is quite a few people actually. And ridership numbers are growing. Most importantly because in relative terms the system is pretty good. Surprisingly good really, for what is still a spread-out, automobile-centric city with a population density of about 4,000 people per square mile (2.59km2). By contrast Seattle, a western city Denver is often compared to, has a population density of over 7,000 people per square mile.

Oh, so what’s with the pine cone? Well, I noticed it last week while waiting at a transfer stop on my way to a meeting.

*The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the transit agency for metro Denver.

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