and I thought Glenwood Canyon was beautiful from the highway

Last week I went on about the great time I had riding Rim Rock Road in the Colorado National Monument. And no kidding, it was pretty good. On the way back we decided to stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, because guess what…there is a great bicycle and pedestrian path through Glenwood Canyon! I had no idea.

I clearly remember the first time I went through the canyon. I was with a friend and we were driving to Glenwood Springs on business. I was awestruck when the interstate entered the canyon because I’d never seen anything like it. Sure, growing up in New York, I know that state has some great landscapes, particularly upstate. But canyons? Not on Long Island. This was cool. I was gawking up from the car like one of those first-time tourists you see walking around midtown Manhattan. My friend starting making fun of me. I didn’t care.

Well, traversing Glenwood Canyon along the multi-use path is like the difference between hearing about good food and eating good food. From the path, you experience all the natural beauty of the place but in detail you simply cannot get from the highway. You hear the rushing water of the Colorado River at the rapids, pass through stretches lined with trees and wildflowers and feel the wind as it’s channeled down through walls that rise up to 1,300 feet (396m) above the river. Oh, the wind! – it was whipping through there pretty good on our return trip.

I only wish we had visited a week or so earlier when the foliage was at its peak Fall color. But still, pretty good too.

I need to find a winter sport.

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