an optomist on New Year’s Day

It’s New Year’s Day, so its time to resolve to do something different, right? I’d like to suggest we ignore it altogether. Have another hot chocolate, enjoy some good food, listen to music or enjoy your family and friends…and ride the new year out for a while. Really. I feel good about this! January 1st just doesn’t matter all that much. Unless maybe it is your birthday or other important personal milestone.

I mean, I appreciate the revelry and marking of time and all but in so far as significance, I can’t recall ever tying the image of a better version of myself to the start of the new year and being particularly successful at it. Thus resolutions are simply not my thing. I know this goes against the grain of popular culture but the first day of the year as a launch pad for positive change makes change itself too loaded with external, forced expectation. If my desire is being a better person for example, well, I should get at that immediately. No need to wait until the calendar turns over for that, right?

Thus, when the mood strikes to embark on something epic, say around March 8th or October 19th or whenever, act on it. It will mean more then.

Here’s to you accomplishing your goals, whatever they are, on your own time.


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