a winter eves vignette

For the most part, I enjoy my daily commute. It’s long enough that I get time to think or reflect on my day without being so long that I don’t look forward to it. I’m fortunate in that I’m able to complete most of the distance, maybe eighty percent, along the Cherry Creek Trail which runs from Confluence Park in downtown Denver to Franktown, forty miles away southeast. I ride only a fraction of that. The best parts are real milestones. The photo below is from one of my favorite sections.

The creek is on the right and while there is a road to the left, it is high enough above the trail that road noise is almost imperceptible. The sound difference is really amazing; what you hear most is the creek. I really like the way the golden orbs atop the lamp posts illuminate the tree branches and cast shadows on the ground, especially in winter. I suppose that for some this may feel creepy but to me it is serene. It feels like this city of more than 600,000 is on pause. Now, the trail isn’t usually this quiet – in fact, it is the central spine that organizes the city’s pedestrian/bike system. But in winter, use slows down considerably. Then, the Cherry Creek Trail becomes a completely different place.

What are some of your city’s favorite places? Tell me about them. Better yet, show me!

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