a Denver sunrise worth stopping for

I could name a hundred or more reasons why I choose to commute by bicycle. Near the top of the list is how easy it is for me to stop and truly appreciate some of the sights I see along the way.

Just before I left out the door this morning my wife says to me, “Hey, Chris, here’s something to take a photo of.” I looked outside toward this sunrise. I jumped on my bike and after making a quick adjustment to my usual route – yet another reason – stopped to make a few photos. The sky was showing off really.


Here’s a nice shot of the downtown skyline. No, downtown’s not brought to you by CenturyLink but given the giant honking branding on their building you might think it is.


Darn power lines. I’ve got to remember to think then shoot, not the other way around. I’m not a fan of the Silver Maple. They’re all over the city and kind of brittle. Better maybe than a Russian Olive but Silver Maples’ get a lot bigger. Not exactly what you want around whenever the city is hit with one of those late fall/early spring, wet, heavy snow storms. But I must admit in this shot their craggy nature looks good.

It’s amazing how quickly the light changes. I was able to fire off a half-dozen shots and then poof!, the moment was gone.

That’s the bell tower of St. Catherine of Siena Church at top.

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